Stephanie Hallett
Updated Dec 08, 2016 @ 4:05 pm

Remember how back in the ’90s we used to cover our hair in sticky glitter gel and think it looked amazing? Well, it did look amazing, and we’ve been wondering why that trend — like everything else from the ’90s — hadn’t yet made a comeback. Now, thanks to a new trend called hair foiling, glittery hair has finally returned! Rejoice!

The latest holiday-party-ready hair trend involves adding metallic foil to your hair — and no, we’re not talking about keeping the foils in your mane after getting highlights. This dazzling style involves spritzing your strands till they’re tacky with hairspray, then adding chunks of foil for a magical old-Hollywood-meets-modern-beauty look.

Check it out!

You can see the chunks of gold foil along the front edge of the hair, adding a hint of glamour and sparkle without overwhelming the face.

Here’s how we used to do things in the old days, in case you need a little reminder.

And here’s another take on the modern look, with the metallic flecks running closer to the center part.

So perfect for your next holiday party or New Year’s Eve bash.

According to Kevin Murphy hairstylist Sarah Lund, who is credited with developing this look, all you need to make it happen is SESSION.SPRAY by Kevin Murphy and a few sheets of foil from the craft store. Simply style your hair (Sarah recommends loose curls or waves) then spritz the hairspray where you want to create the accent. She adds:

Once the hair is tacky, add your foil bits and use an eyeshadow brush to break up and drag the foil. Seal it all with more hairspray — and you’re done!