February 13, 2019 3:30 pm

Long gone are the days of boring nail designs. It’s safe to say that for most of us who enjoy getting our nails did, details matter. In case you haven’t gotten the memo, festive nails are totally acceptable—and one of the best holidays for creative nail art happens every February 14th, aka Valentine’s Day.

Whether you have a date with bae or just plan on having some much-needed me time over the coming holiday weekend, a Valentine’s Day-inspired manicure is the perfect gift to yourself no matter what your relationship status. And if you love vibrant colors on your nails, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go crazy and paint the town your nails red..and pink, of course.

There are so many things that we associate with Valentine’s Day, making the possibilities for nail designs endless. We know that choosing a color for your nails may already be a daunting task, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, we’re here to help.

Here are 13 nail designs to show your nail lady or DIY yourself in time for the day’s festivities.

1Pink and white ombré

If you’re still taking baby steps into the wonderful world of “extra” nail designs, this simple pink and white ombré press-on set is a perfect solution for Valentine’s Day.

2Pink matte and chrome

If pink is your jam, Valentine’s day or otherwise, this simple, yet super hot pink manicure is right up your alley. The mix matte and high shine metallic chrome is an instant conversation starter.

3A pop of color

Step out of the box and celebrate a few of your favorite things with this graphic heart design. And yes, we love fries, too.

4Pink and black and white graphics

If you’re not looking forward to a pink overload on V-Day, adding some black and white designs onto your fingers makes for great balance.

5Chunky V-Day-inspired confetti

Planning to do your Valentine’s Day nail’s yourself? This polish from Essie in the shade “You’re So Cupid” will give your nails some TLC, with little to no effort.

6V-Day Kisses

Kiss your boring mani goodbye with the nail set. Add some gems if you’re feeling particularly extra this Valentines’s Day holiday.

7DIY Valentine’s Day luxe mani

If you want a temporary fix for your nails this Valentine’s Day, try a luxurious press-on set like this Masterpiece One-Of-A-Kind Luxe Mani from KISS in the style Kitty Girl. If stiletto nails aren’t your thing, you can cut them down to the shape that your heart desires.

8I <3 you

This nail design has “I love you” written all over it…literally.

9Will you be my Valentine?

Too shy to ask your Valentine to be yours? Let your lovely nails do the talking.

10 Black and white hearts

This graphic black-and-white nail design may be out of the “norm” for V-Day, but it’s totally appropriate.

11Girl’s best friend

Embellish your nails in some diamond-inspired gems. This is a set you may never want to let go of, and that’s okay.

12Xs and Os

Because there’s no Valentine’s Day without hearts or Xs and Os, right?

13For your sweetie

These Valentine’s Day nails are inspired by sweetheart candy and you must admit, the design is pretty sweet indeed.