Olive and June Dry Drops Launch manicure

These Genius Drops Will Dry Your At-Home Manicure in 80 Seconds Flat

Hurry—the $10 bottle will likely sell out fast.
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com by Christie Calucchia.

Just a week after the nail care pros at Olive & June blew our minds with the brand's first-ever advent calendar, another new product is coming that's primed to make at-home manicures easier than ever before. In addition to its luxe polishes, genius bottle handles, and sellout manicure kits, Olive & June now sells dry drops to help speed up the nail-painting process.

The $10 bottle of quick-drying solution is advertised to cut polish-drying time in half. This effectively eliminates one of our most-used excuses for putting off painting our own nails at home: the simple lack of time and patience. And let's be honest, who has the ability to watch paint dry when there are more pressing issues demanding our attention?

"The part of the mani that takes the longest is actually your dry time, so we created Dry Drops so everyone can squeeze in a mani when they want one," Olive & June founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle tells InStyle.

Formulated with jojoba seed oil for major shine, the drops come in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle that's the first of its kind. It was designed for one-handed application, so there's no reason you can't do your own nails. Just release two drops of the liquid gold onto freshly painted nails, and they'll be dry to the touch in 80 seconds.

Olive & June Dry Drops

Olive & June Drops
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Shop it! $10, oliveandjune.com.

The squeeze bottle costs $10 when you order it à la carte, but you can save $4 by adding it on to your purchase of the popular Studio Box—a build-your-own kit that has sold out five times and comes with your choice of nail polish, Olive & June's famous top coat, and a variety of tools. It's almost as good as a visit to the salon. 

There's no telling how long the dry drops will stay in stock, so head to Olive & June to order a bottle for yourself before it sells out.