Claire Beaudreault
Updated Nov 15, 2017 @ 4:27 pm

The latest offering from Laser Kitten is an ’80s-inspired press on nail set that’s like totally rad.

The third set from the OG Nails LA and Laser Kitten collab is a rainbow-colored dream. The ’80s set joins existing nail designs like the Kitten Classics set (featuring Lil’ Kim in her famous purple pastie ensemble) and the ’90s set (it’s the AOL logo!)

Medium-length stiletto tips are adorned with geometric shapes, glitter, neon, ombré, and leopard print. That’s not all, there’s a secret hidden surprise.

Decals of the ladies from the Golden Girls are hiding on the underside of some nails, ready to guide and give you strength throughout your day. These bad babies are the perfect finishing touch for an ’80s dance party or you know like, life.

There are 20 nails in each set, so you can find your perfect fit. Everything you need to apply and wear the nails is included, like nail tabs for short-term wear or nail glue for up to two weeks. You’ll receive instructions for application along with a cuticle pusher so you can apply like a pro for maximum results.

It takes 1-2 weeks from the time of the order to receive the nails, as each set is hand-painted in Los Angeles, especially for you.

Can’t even handle this right now.

Rose and Blanche are giving us life.

OG Nails LA advises,

The three nail sets as seen on OG Nails LA’s Instagram.

We love them all.

’80s Press On Nail Set, $80

Credit: Laser Kitten

The ’90s set and the Kitten Classics set are also currently available for $80 each.

Credit: Laser Kitten

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