Olivia Harvey
October 16, 2017 1:11 pm

We’re all about a themed manicure. Come Halloween, we want our nails to look like Morticia Addams did them from the comfort of her own parlor. But one manicurist has a different take on Halloween nail art and…her manicure might make you gag.

Self-taught nail artist PiggieLuv translated our worst fear into a Halloween manicure and well, let’s just say that we can’t unsee it. If your legs go wobbly at the sight of blood and gore, we highly recommend you look away. But if you can make it through the 10-second video, then honestly, more power to you.

We can assure you that no actual nails were harmed in the making of this video.

No — we’ll be fine. Just give us a min —

This is one of PiggieLuv’s Halloween looks from last year, but we still have yet to recover. She created her realistic ripped-off nails by using a fake injury kit, which comes complete with wax and pigment.

Even after seeing how PiggieLuv achieved the look, we’re still reeling. It’s too much for our tender eyes!

Luckily, the rest of PiggieLuv’s Instagram feed is filled with sweeter nail creations that keep the wave of nausea at bay.

Even though this gory manicure scares us, we still have to admit that it’s pretty genius and perfect for the Halloween season.

But just be mindful, friends. If you wear this nail look to our Halloween party, you will be kicked out.