Olivia Harvey
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 12:26 pm
bone nails
Credit: Instagram / Asa Bree Sieracki

Dun, dun, dun, dun! *Snap! Snap!* They’re creepy and their kooky! Mysterious and spooky! They’re all together ooky – these really cool bone nails! Feast your eyes upon the new nail trend that is making our skin crawl, but is also making us want to dissect an owl pellet à la sixth grade science class. They’re gory but adorable and they’re something Morticia Addams would kill for. They’re bone nails made with — yes that’s right — actual bones.

The nails were created by badass nail artist Asa Bree Sieracki from Portland, Oregon. The squeamish may want to look away, but for those of us who are intrigued by the darker side of life, these bone nails will surely float your boat.

Sieracki ethically and humanly harvested the bones from those sixth grade owl pellets, so animal lovers fear not. She “naturally repurposed” them by incorporating them into a wickedly good manicure. Sieracki writes in her Instagram caption, “also I feel like we probably inadvertently cast some spells creating these nails.”


Sieracki works out of a manicure shop cheekily named Finger Bang. This is where she creates some straight-up masterpieces on fingernails. Her works range from dainty and beautiful —

— to nails perfectly suited to wear to the Addams family reunion.

And don’t even get us started on Sieracki’s geometric nails.

Whether you’re into having rodent bones on the tips of your fingers, or prefer cute ‘lil daisies instead, Sieracki can meet all your nail expectations. If you find yourself in the Portland area, we highly recommend you check out Sieracki and the rest of the Finger Bang team. You certainly won’t leave the shop empty-handed (get it?).