Let’s be honest, the majority of time we spend in a nail salon is used picking out a nail polish color. It’s hard to visualize how the color will look on our nail when sample nails are glued into a book. But this hack just revolutionized the way we choose our nail color.

18-year-old Emma Young figured out how to use SnapChat stickers to try out nail colors on her own finger. Yes, she is a genius. Thanks for asking. In an interview, Young told BuzzFeed,

The hack is truly as simple as taking a Snap picture of a possible nail polish option, turning it into a sticker in the SnapChat app, and then placing that sticker on your finger via the Snap camera.

Mind. Blown.

Young continued, saying that she thought her idea was “funny and interesting” so she decided to share it via Twitter. It’s since been liked over 260,000 times and retweeted just under 92,000 times. Young is shocked by the traction her tweet has gotten.

To us, it seems like nail lovers’ lives have been changed for the better.

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Next time we’re at the salon, you bet we’re going to try this out. It’s saves time, makes us feel clever, and helps aid our decision making. We’re sending out thanks to Emma Young for making our beauty routine a lot easier!