Pamela Chan
Updated Jun 25, 2015 @ 12:17 pm

Here’s a question: When it comes to lipstick, are you more of a New York red or a London nude? A Las Vegas coral orange or a Miami pale rose pink? That all depends on your color preferences, of course, but it turns out that your lipstick selection also depends a lot on where you are from in the world.

Yes ladies, a recent survey has revealed the most purchased and popular lipsticks in cities all around the world. Say Bonjour! and How do you do? to the first-ever International “Lipstick Colours Of The Year” report, commissioned by Heathrow Airport.

Thanks to beauty research comprised of global lipstick sales data analysis, Heathrow’s beauty team was able to gather insights and pinpoint 50 of the most en vogue shades in cities around the globe.

As one of the “world’s largest airports” slash “beauty meccas,” the bustling terminals of London’s iconic port of entry are home to over 120 brands, 12,500 beauty products and 1,451 lipsticks, according to the newest research. It’s basically “Europe’s largest beauty range under one roof.”

Lipstick, for most, is an affordable luxury that can be found inside the handbags of women from all walks of life from all over the world. As Heathrow is a stopping place for roughly 200,000 people daily, it’s actually a great place to study a cross-section of humans from all over, just doing human things — like wearing, using, and buying lipstick.

Beauty journalist and expert Alice Hart-Davis sums up the power of lipstick in the Heathrow report, mentioning how there’s a lot more bang for your buck in lipstick as opposed to other makeup:

Oh we can definitely relate, and so can major celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift who have all wowed us with their signature shades.

Following the release of their lipstick study, Heathrow will begin selling “celebratory capsule collections of lipsticks.” The hand-carved mini sculptures, courtesy of artist Hedley Wiggan, will include famous landmarks like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, the Statue of Liberty, and Shanghai’s Tower. Take a looksie at an awesome video of the artist sculpting “Statue of Liperty” here. Also, if you happen to be in terminal 5 at Heathrow, there’s a whole lipstick display so check that out. It’s a great campaign, and a great way to highlight the different ways residents of different cities interpret an item that’s so universal.

So pucker up those lips and go check out your lipstick shade. Are you rocking your city’s signature color? Or is it time for an upgrade (or a move)?

[Images via Shutterstock and Heathrow]