Anna Gragert
October 28, 2015 4:43 pm

We all have those days where we struggle with self-esteem and self-love. We wake up feeling less than perfect and easily become jealous of those who have the characteristics and confidence we want for ourselves. Recently, Kimberly Henderson, mom of four, singer, amazing human woman, had one of those days. And she decided to write about it.

The mom of four wrote on her Facebook page this past Monday, “This evening after I got out the shower and was getting dressed I happened to glance in the mirror and kinda sighed and thought dang what I would give to see my abs again.”

But after that sentence, Henderson shifted her tone and focus. She continued, “Right after I was having my pity me moment (we all have our days) my 2-year-old grabbed my leg and pulled on my shorts for me to kiss her…” Henderson revealed. “And it was that second she reminded me that every imperfection on my belly was worth having sweet moments like that!” She then followed up this meaningful story with a #lovetheskinyourein hashtag (which we absolutely #love.)

The photo already has close to 1,000 shares, over 17,000 shares, and 630 comments. And as for the comments on her Facebook post, they are filled with strength, body love, and all the positivity. “Thanks for the reminder and for being so open for us mom’s to see we aren’t the only ones!” one woman writes. “It can be hard accepting the mom body that comes with kids. I used to be really insecure of my stretch marks on my tummy and the extra lbs I haven’t [lost] yet but I’ve learned to accept them cause they are from my beautiful girl.”

The top commenter, a man, states, “I gotta say…. all you women out there that have ‘ruined’ your bodies… they aren’t as ruined as you’d think. Nothing is sexier to a man than a women who gave so much to give life to a beautiful child. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.” And it seems that this Facebook user wasn’t the only guy who was touched by Henderson’s post. Several dads have reached out to her to let her know that she’s empowered them and has helped them embrace their dad bods —because men also feel self-conscious about their bodies (according to this poll conducted by a market research group OnePulse, 45% of men feel pressured to have desirable bodies).

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“It’s not easy growing a baby, ya know and every imperfection, every stretch mark was made from love and hard work. I’m reminded every day when I see my beautiful kids,” Kimberly told Cosmopolitan. “It’s crazy that even though I posted it to help other mamas like me, it actually helped me. It’s nice to see you’re not the only one going through days like that!”

Most importantly, Henderson’s message reminds us that many, many humans feel pressured to conform to our culture’s rigid idea of what a desirable body looks like. That new mothers, especially, are constantly pushed to and expected to get their pre-baby body back ASAP. When in reality, new moms should be celebrated for the life they brought into the world and how powerful and awesome their bodies are for creating mini-humans.

Thank you, Kimberly Henderson, for posting a brave and beautiful photo that serves as the perfect reminder that we are not alone in our body image struggles. That what we should be focusing on and celebrating is what are bodies are capable of: a LOT.

[Images via Facebook]