In today’s Instagram-obsessed world, it can be all too easy to forget that what we see on an Insta isn’t necessarily (or even often) representative of reality. Model and body positivity advocate, Iskra Lawrence, recently exposed common Instagram tricks that help remind us that social media posts are often highly manipulated.

Iskra teamed up with Fashion For All and Elle to help raise awareness about the use of posing techniques on social media to alter body image. This practice all too often leads to so many people striving for unrealistic body standards and beating themselves up when they don’t have that “perfect” flat stomach or thigh gap.

Iskra also uploaded a video via YouTube on the “expectation vs. reality” topic.

She shows viewers in real-time exactly how models achieve the “perfect photo” using lighting and posing techniques.

Iskra’s post and video is an important reminder that we should never compare ourselves and our bodies to the curated Insta feeds bombarding our eyeballs. Social media can make it all too easy to feel inadequate about our perfectly normal and beautiful bodies, so any and all reminders that we are 100% perfect the way we are is both welcome and applauded.