This pageant queen flawlessly shut down her body shamers

Gorgeous Paola Torrente is 22-years-old and was recently crowned as the runner-up for the Miss Italy pageant.

The stunning pageant queen also defies the beauty standards typically ascribed to pageant contestants, as the curvy young woman is a size 14.

Instead of celebrating the grace, intelligence, and beauty that Torrente demonstrated during the competition, the Internet began attacking her body shape.

As reported by People, contestants and their families partook in the disgusting body shaming directed toward Paola. The mother of a contestant who placed lower than Torrente is reported to have said that Paola did not belong in the Miss Italy pageant, but “the Plus Size Miss Italy contest.”

But as People notes, Torrente could not be more #unbothered by some folks’ hatred of her curves — she’s too busy loving them. And she has an important message for all young girls who watched her compete. She told The Daily Mail:

"I embrace my curves…and I'm never ashamed of them... I want to tell young women to accept themselves and to understand that feeling good and being happy is the most powerful thing to fight people's words and thoughts."

Paola is a beauty queen and a queen in general.

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