Claire Beaudreault
January 03, 2017 12:05 pm
Milk Makeup

We told you about the new Milk Makeup Blur Stick a week ago, and we just got word that the brand is doing an exclusive pre-sale on the much-awaited item. Until midnight tonight, you can grab the coveted filter-in-a-stick through this link before it goes on sale to the public on January 9th. Yessssssssss.

The Blur Stick, in classic Milk Makeup fashion, is a low-maintenance, swipe-and-go multipurpose product that works for pretty much anyone. Busy, non-fussy types will particularly appreciate the versatility of this stick, but we’re sure it’ll be a great component in any painstakingly applied full face. Wear it alone or under your makeup, anything goes in the world of Milk.

The matte-finish stick is silicone and oil-free so it blurs pores rather than clogging them. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and like all Milk Makeup products, is cruelty-free. Coverage is invisible, so it flatters and works on all skin tones, while evening out pores and fine lines. Milk Makeup, making magic!

From Milk’s Instagram:

Like we said, who needs a filter?

Look at this sexy blurry product shot. Why do we feel like we’re spying on it in the shower?

Loving how the Blur Stick works on a range of different skin tones!

Milk Makeup

This is the Blur Stick in action.

Would you just look at this thing? We need it ASAP.

Milk Makeup

Grab your Milk Makeup Blur Stick before it officially drops on January 9th! $36 at Milk Makeup.