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In a recent interview with PeopleStyle, Chrissy Teigen shared some of her beauty routine, and while some might think the routine is a bit much, we understand that daily beauty routines might accrue extra techniques when you’re a famous model married to the dreamy singer John Legend. According to her interview, Teigen not only shaves everyday, but she routinely shaves twice a day.

While yes, this might seem high maintenance to those of us who begrudgingly shave once month (only after cutting our fingers on our own bristly leg hair), but what do you expect from the professionally glamorous Chrissy Teigen?!

Her commitment to thorough shaving isn’t a new addition to her beauty regimen either. In another interview with PeopleStyle back in 2012, Teigen revealed her habit of double-shaving, partially to keep her dark hair at bay, and partially due to her love of smooth gams.

As a doting mom, Teigen’s everyday adventures have involved adorably dressing her baby Luna and partying on Splash Mountain, so really, her beauty routine has plenty of balance to boot.