August 09, 2017 11:02 am

While the trend of overdone “Instagram brows” may be long over, full, healthy brows are here to say. If you were guilty of recreating Gwen Stefani’s super thin brows in the early 00’s and your brows haven’t quite recovered, no worries. Brow enhancement options are everywhere. There are brow extensions (think eyelash extensions but for your brows), lace-front eyebrow wigs (the jury’s still out on these) and microblading.

Microblading is pretty much what it sounds like. A technician uses a tool made of tiny blades and a semi-permanent dye to make fine strokes that mimic hairs to fill in your brows. These aren’t your mama’s eyebrow tattoos, when done properly they look completely undetectable.

Not every microblading story is a success, though. Some technicians rely on stencils or proportions that don’t flatter every face shape. LA-based brow technician Kristie Streicher isn’t that kind of tech. Her method, dubbed “microfeathering” involves a different approach to brows, and celebs are loving this new trend.

To put it simply, microfeathering is lighter and more customized. It makes microblading look like Instagram brows in comparison.

Kristie preps clients for microfeathering after a six-month grow out phase. Clients are advised to visit every 6-8 weeks for tinting and shaping until the growth phase is complete. Then, the fun begins. Kristie explained “microfeathering” to Refinery29 saying,

Celebs are loving this trend, too.

Hello, Mandy Moore. If she’s into the trend, then so are we.

Gwyneth with the good brows.

Lorde’s brows are on point.

If you’re in the LA area, you can visit Kristie at Striiike Salon in Beverly Hills.