Nikita Richardson
Updated April 23, 2015 10:10 am

Michelle Obama has made some pretty empowering statements in her tenure as first lady. And yesterday she did it again, though it wasn’t exactly something she had planned.

During the White House’ annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, Obama was kind enough to take questions from the children of Executive Office employees, as well as children from D.C. Child and Family Services and the Boys and Girls Club. Many of the kids had pressing questions on various subjects, but one little girl’s question about Ms. Obama’s age stood out. “How old are you?” asked a girl named Anaya Brodie. For generations, women have been told that they shouldn’t reveal their age, and girls have been taught never to ask an older woman, even a mentor, about the age issue, as well.

These standards set a negative precedent, encouraging women to deny the amazing years they’ve accrued, and obscuring valuable information girls may need in order to achieve what their lady-heroes have accomplished. So when a little girl asked Mrs. O about her age—she made a decision to break down those outdated barriers.

“I’m 51,” she said firmly into the microphone. And then things got even more wonderful.

Brodie’s priceless response? “You’re too young for a 51 year old.” Nope, she’s just one awesome, proud 51 year old, proving that women of all ages kick ass.

Mrs. Obama has Brodie repeat her response, this time into a microphone, and then gives the mini interviewer a great, big hug.

Watch the whole thing go down here:

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