Lindsey Sirera
Updated Mar 07, 2017 @ 11:44 am

As one of the acting greats, there isn’t much Marion Cotillard won’t do to get into character. She’s a true artist, after all! And for her latest role, the pregnant starlet has once again gone above and beyond to change her look with a set of full, prosthetic lips and a bombshell brunette wig to boot.

Clearly having a blast while getting into character for her role in Rock’n Roll, in which she stars alongside her partner Guillaume Canet, Marion took to Instagram to show off her new look. Posting a series of silly snapshots with her long locks and faux lips, Marion has quite a few startled fans who thought her transformation was a permanent one.

But hey, even if her new features were there for good — so what? Marion is show-stopping beautiful no matter what, so haters: back off! E! Online suspects the lips are the work of excellent prosthetics, but who knows, maybe she did the #KylieJennerLipChallenge???

In the three sets of photos she posted, using Instagram’s epic new bulk-uploading option no less, the 41-year-old seemed to poke fun at herself while getting settled into her new role, captioning one set “To be…” and the follow up “…or not to be…”

We can’t wait to watch her transformation in her new flick, but in the meantime, we’re hoping Marion keeps up with the clever Instagram posts!