These nail colors will speak to your celestial sensibilities.

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Courtesy of essie, Chanel, and Deborah Lippmann

If you've been looking at your nails lately and feeling incredibly "meh" about the shade of polish you quickly slap on for the summer months, it's time for a change. But instead of browsing the manicure aisle at your local drugstore in search of something that speaks to you, why not look to the stars for some guidance? According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, each of the 12 zodiac signs has a signature color that they're drawn to because it brings them luck or expresses their nature. Aries, for example, is obsessed with red since it shows off their fiery vibes, while Cancer will want a more subdued shade of lilac to flaunt on their tootsies.

To help you get more celestial with the mani-pedi combo you pick this season, we've compiled a list of nail polish colors you'll love, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries


Shop it! Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Colour in Rouge Puissant for fingernails, $28;


Shop it! Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Colour in Pirate for toenails, $28;

As an Aries, you see life purely in the shade vermillion. "The ram will be drawn to reds to show off their valor and courage," Stardust says. We recommend Chanel's brighter shade of Rouge Puissant for your fingernails paired with the deeper shade Pirate for your toes.

2. Taurus


Shop it! Zoya Nail Polish in Lola for fingernails and toenails, $10;

Taurus, you want a bold pink all over, and for that reason, you should stick with the same color. "Bright neon pink will remind the bull to embrace their artistry," Stardust says. We like this shade by Zoya because it's slightly iridescent, matching your luxe style. 

3. Gemini


Shop it! Orly Nail Lacquer in Glowstick for fingernails and toenails, $9.87;

Since you're looking for a nail color you can see from space, we recommend sticking with one polish for both your fingernails and toenails, Gemini. "Neon yellow is a peppy color that will help this twin star communicate better," Stardust says. This Orly shade—appropriately named Glowstick—is so bright you will need shades.

4. Cancer


Shop it! Essie Nail Polish in Go Ginza for fingernails, $8.99;


Shop it! Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers for toenails, $8.32;

According to Stardust, lilac is your signature color, and this Go Ginza Essie shade will be your good-luck charm. Pair it with the simple shade Ballet Slippers for your toes, and you will feel all the cozy crab vibes.

5. Leo


Shop it! Essie Nail Polish in Geranium for fingernails, $9;


Shop it! Essie Nail Polish in Clambake for toenails, $9.70;

Like Aries, your fire sign counterpart, you're looking for something that burns. But rather than a blue-red, why not try orange-red instead? "The lion will opt for an orange hue to show off their sunny vibe," Stardust explains. We like the red and orange combo of Essie's Geranium for your fingers and Clambake for your toes since they remind us of a summer campfire.

6. Virgo


Shop it! Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Moon Boots for fingernails and toenails, $15;

You're keeping it clean and casual as you always do, Virgo. "Virgos will choose basic white this summer as their go-to before Labor Day," Stardust says. We suggest trying this Nails Inc. polish since it has a bit of sheen to elevate your look.

7. Libra

Deborah Lippmann

Shop it! Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Love Lies for fingernails, $20;


Shop it! Revlon Nail Enamel in Sheer Petal for toenails, $3.97;

For the ultimate Venusian sign, Stardust suggests a soft, romantic pink. The mauve Deborah Lippmann polish will align perfectly with your amorous spirit, and this pink Revlon shade will complement it.

8. Scorpio


Shop it! OPI Nail Lacquer in Got the Blues for Red for fingernails, $10.50;


Shop it! OPI Nail Lacquer in Midnight in Moscow for toenails, $10.50;

Classic Scorpio, keeping it dark and twisty. "A rich red will be your best bet," Stardust suggests. We like this OPI combo for a hint of deep red on your fingernails and a nice dark purple for your toes.

9. Sagittarius

Sally Hansen

Shop it! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Purplexed for fingernails and toenails, $7.27;

"Purple fingernails and toes will bring the archer luck in every form this summer," Stardust says. Because purple is your color, we suggest using this bold violet polish by Sally Hansen all over to keep you feeling strong and confident.

10. Capricorn


Shop it! Essie Nail Polish in First Timer for fingernails, $8;


Shop it! Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple for toenails, $7.90;

While you might lean towards subdued greens during the winter, Stardust says summer is the perfect time for you to embrace brighter shades. Essie's First Timer will give you the earthy pop of color you want for your fingers, set off by the more tranquil Mint Candy Apple on your toes.

11. Aquarius


Shop it! Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie for fingernails and toenails, $10.00;

You're one of a kind, Aquarius, and you want your nail polish to be the same. "A metallic silver will remind the water-bearer of their creative mind," Stardust explains. To not mismatch two glitzy shades, we think this ZOYA polish is perfect for both your fingers and toes.

12. Pisces

Olive & June

Shop it! Olive & June Nail Polish in Bold & Unshaken for fingernails and toenails, $8;

"A sweet and simple periwinkle blue will remind Pisces of their favorite relaxing spot: the sea," Stardust says. Our favorite periwinkle polish right now is Olive & June's Bold & Unshaken, which has the sign of the fish written all over it.