Although we often discuss unrealistic body standards in the media in terms of women, these deeply-ingrained societal issues affect men, as well—all over the globe. And now, we’re totally fascinated by a U.K.-based online doctor service that conducted a social experiment that visually displays male beauty standards in different countries around the world.

Inspired by journalist Esther Honig,Superdrug asked graphic designers in 19 different countries to Photoshop a picture of a New York photographer to produce the ideal attractive man.


Said chief executive of YMCA England Denise Hatton in a statement:

The results showed that many of the “ideal” body types seemed to incorporate the infamous “dad bod,” such as Australia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia:


However, in other countries like Russia, Egypt, and South Africa, a chiseled, muscular, movie-like form was considered the ideal:


The results are totally wowing us, because it’s clear that men face quite a bit of pressure to look perfect, as well—and the idea of perfect is different all over the globe, from culture to culture.

“Our goal with this project is to fuel a revolution: to spark real change about body image, to empower people to prioritize health above appearance, and to promote body confidence around the world,” Superdrug said in a statement.


You can see the results in their entirety here.