Credit: Disney

While you spend the next few weeks figuring out your ~perfect~ Halloween costume this year, consider going for a dramatic makeup look inspired by one of the most iconic Disney villains because… well, they’re amazing, DUH!

Just look at this split-faced Maleficent as her sorceress self and the fearsome dragon!

We love that it looks like the dragon is CRACKING through Maleficent’s evil facade. It’s so eerie and awesome.

And, as you can see, the makeup design was inspired by the original, animated Sleeping Beauty.

Credit: Disney

Lucky for us, insanely talented makeup artist Evangeline LaMorte was kind enough to share her quick Maleficent makeup tutorial to help get you on your way!

Obviously, you need to start by splitting the color palette on your face.

Then it’s all about the color shading…

…and attention to details.

Et voilà, pure magic!

You can watch the entire step-by-step tutorial here!

I danced did my makeup with you once upon a dream!