Kit Steinkellner
Updated Aug 14, 2014 @ 2:51 pm

True story. I think makeup is a total pain in the ass and I also straight-up love the bejeezus out of cosmetics. I grouse about those extra 10 minutes I COULD have been sleeping (or watching half a comedy on Hulu) that I instead used to apply liquid eyeliner, inevitably mess it up, remove the mess off of my eyelids, and try again. But I love it. I love foundation and lipstick and yes, I even love liquid eyeliner. And I always feel a little bad that dudes can’t be a part of the fun, I mean there’s no LAW saying they can’t wear makeup, it’s just not this common thing. Except now, it is a little bit, thanks to the Instagram/Twitter hashtag #makeuptransformation.

Basically #makeuptransformation is gentlemen (and every once in a while a lady as well) using makeup and hair to transform themselves into celebrities. . . kind of. Though some of the results are actually impressive, most of the participants are really more having fun at our lady-makeover expense. They’re making hilarious fun of the idea that putting a few smears of contouring makeup on your face suddenly turns you into Rihanna. Observe and wonder below:

And here is an excellent Flynn Rider, from Tangled, which is kind of like Katy Perry impersonating Zooey Deschanel.


You had me at “Kris Jenner.”

I love how much FUN these dudes are having with makeup and silly and goofy these images are. I mean, Look at that Kris Jenner transformation with a straight face. You can’t. It’s okay, girl, I couldn’t either. But it’s through the transformative power of humor that these men are able to hop right over gender boundaries and transform makeup into a thing that’s cool for dudes to mess around with. Because makeup is all about transformation. You take the blank canvas that is your face and you use makeup as a costume of sorts to transform yourself into a slightly different person.. A you with a fire-engine red lip is different from a you sporting cotton-candy lipstick. It’s super cool that men, through the power of social media, are finding a way to get in on the action and have a good time with us makeup-loving ladies.

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