Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Mar 13, 2017 @ 1:13 pm

When it comes to movie-themed makeup products, Sola Look has got the market cornered. Remember their incredible Flashdance palette? We’ve been waiting anxiously for more info on when Sola Look’s new Dirty Dancing palette comes out, and we finally have our answer! The launch of this adorable new palette is just around the corner, and not only has Sola Look given us release dates, but they’ve shared a couple more sneak peeks at this palette — some of them are quite unexpected and exciting!

We love all things Dirty Dancing, and it really seems like Sola Look has gone ALL OUT when it comes to this multi-product palette. It’s a beautiful tribute to such a beloved film, and it’s only $36!

There will be a very limited pre-order on Saturday, March 19th at noon, PST.

When you pre-order the palette it will ship to you about 10 days before the official release date.

The official release date for the Sola Look Dirty Dancing Palette (for those who do not pre-order) is April 22nd, Earth Day!

One of the most exciting bits of information is that the palette is not JUST an eyeshadow palette, but it includes an absolutely gorgeous lipstick, as well!

It’s inspired by the lipstick that Baby wears in the movie, and it’s a beautiful matte berry shade that is incredibly romantic and sexy looking!

It’s pretty rare to see a lipstick included in a palette, but it makes perfect sense that they’d include one in a Dirty Dancing-themed palette. Lipstick was a big part of the look of the era! It’s just so indicative of Baby’s style and essence — we love it!

We’ve gotten a look at three different eyeshadows, and they’re all unique, surprising, and beautiful!

Talk about bold! We wouldn’t be surprised to find that this lovely palette sells out fast, so if it’s on your must-have list for spring we definitely recommend signing up at Sola Look for the pre-sale this weekend! Not only will the makeup look absolutely divine, but you’ll be able to show off that adorable packaging on your vanity!