Credit: Kathleen Lights /

Finally, after weeks of suspense, drooling, and gazing desperately into the abyss whilst dreaming of sexy nail polish, the Kathleen Lights nail polish line is available to pre-order on the KL Polish website! The new Kathleen Lights nail polish line includes six shiny colors that will make your nails look like they were just drenched in a bunch of liquid flowers and spices.

While the premiere line of the Kathleen Lights nail polish isn’t officially available for purchase until December 5th, she just made an announcement that you can now pre-order one of her delicious nail colors from the website.

This is a preview of the creamy raspberry color Zoey, which pairs perfectly with all the minimalist gold jewelry on the model’s arm.

You can snag your polish early today, directly from the KL Polish website. You’ll definitely have your nail polish shipped out during the line’s launch in early December.

Yes please, give us the goodies.

The colors available in the collection include: the rich red Brick Sidewalk, the goth-lite Broccoli and Chocolate, the mustard-colored Caramello, the deep sea Gumption, the sugary Snickerdoodle, and of course Zoey.

They look even better next to each other.

Be sure to take a look at the KL Polish line for yourself, or pre-order now before they get snatched up!