Bronwyn Isaac
January 10, 2017 1:12 pm
Kat Von D Beauty Instagram

The time of weeping, nervously biting your nails, and refreshing your computer screen in anticipation have finally come to an end, because you can officially purchase Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth palette on the Sephora website.

We exhaled our first sigh of relief just four days ago, when Kat Von D dropped Pastel Goth and its eight shades of bright eyeshadow through the Kat Von D Beauty website. But now, you can grab the new eyeshadow palette AND rack up your Sephora Beauty Insider points by purchasing the palette through Sephora online. This is a win-win for beauty lovers far and wide.

For those who haven’t been eagerly stalking all the updates on this new release from Kat Von D, the swatches of colors promote themselves.

Somehow this palette bridges the often difficult gap of flattering, yet bold.

Now you can express the fashion-friendly drama of your soul through eyeshadow that screams, “Ugh, I’m FINE.”

Plus, those Sephora points add up and eventually award you free luxury beauty products.

The Pastel Goth Palette looks like a nightclub-friendly version of sidewalk chalk, which is intended as the highest (albeit weird) compliment.

We all know sidewalk chalk comes in the most powerful colors.

You can purchase the Pastel Goth Palette online from Sephora for $38!