March 09, 2017 2:53 pm
curvy_cartel / www.instagram.com

After the whole condom-over-Beauty Blender thing, we really thought we’d seen all of the weird makeup hacks. From knife contouring to spoons for cut creases, the hack game is strong on IG.

Sure, we may never try some of these techniques but you’ve gotta admit, they’re super creative. Hey MUAs, if you wanna use lube as a makeup primer or apply foundation with silicone bra inserts, we’re all about it! Keep the creativity coming. Who knows there may be a time where we have no other option but to apply a full face of makeup armed with nothing but pipe cleaners. YOU NEVER KNOW.

This next hack is a doozy. MUA Atreona Willis applied her foundation and concealer with a tomato and it looks damn good! We couldn’t have been more surprised to see how flawlessly she was able to blend her products. Is there anything a tomato can’t do?

curvy_cartel / www.instagram.com
curvy_cartel / www.instagram.com
curvy_cartel / www.instagram.com

Hack videos are designed to be half tutorial and half entertainment. For some reason, people still don’t get this.

Atreona writes:

You can see the hack video below. Trust us, you’ll be impressed!

If you plan on trying this hack, Atreona suggests using a smaller tomato than she used in the vid. If you’re stocking up on tomatoes anyway, keep in mind they have amazing benefits for skin. Mix tomato pulp with yogurt and oatmeal for a brightening mask or just rub tomato halves directly onto your skin. Oh, and if you wanna say to hell with it all and make a Bloody Mary, we’re down with that, too!