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Who doesn’t need a little glitter in their lives when the world seems dark and dismal? Tarte knows we do, which is why they’re releasing a pair of limited-edition glitter liquid liners that are about to change — if not our worlds — then at least how we do our makeup for all those impending holiday parties! And isn’t this a perfect alternative for those of us who loved Lady Gaga’s rhinestone look but don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting glue on their faces? Glitter is having a serious moment this holiday season — so we’re thrilled to have another option, especially one that is so beautiful!

The Tarte Limited-Edition Tarteist Pro Eye Jewels Glitter Liner is available for $24, and it looks like it’ll be worth every penny for all the amazing looks we’ll be able to come up with!

Will you go with silver?

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Or gold?

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If you feel like you need to get both, just know what we wholeheartedly support that decision.

Credit: Tarte Cosmetics

How spectacular is the double-sided tube? One side has the glittery liner and the other has an opaque metallic liner depending on what look you want!

Both Tarte Limited-Edition Tarteist Pro Eye Jewels Glitter Liners are available for $24 each on