Lourdes Avila Uribe
February 08, 2017 5:32 pm

Frankly, Sophie Shab, the mastermind behind Trendmood has spoiled us rotten with her beauty news, updates, swatches, and reviews — she’s always the first one on the scene to know what’s up, and we literally cannot live without her. She obviously knows her stuff and has great taste, which is why the beauty world has been abuzz with news of Trendmood’s collab with Ciaté London since we first heard of it. Even better news — it looks like we’ll be getting our hands on this eyeshadow palette really soon!

Trendmood has spent months asking their followers for input on shades, finishes, packaging, shadow names, and more, so this is truly a group effort that has been tailor-made for beauty lovers.

The Trendmood x Ciaté London palette features 10 vibrant shades in various jewel tones.

They’ve got names for the first nine shades so far: Trendmood, Sneak Pink, Rose Goals, 24 Carrot, Wine Not, Limited Redition, What A Steel, On Sail, and Exbluesive.

They’re still coming up with a name for the last shade, a pearly shimmering shell, and their followers have come up with some hilarious and punny names that we are loving.

Trendmood / www.instagram.com
Trendmood / www.instagram.com

Our money’s on Best Sheller, though we love Bombshell and Shell Shock too!

This is going to be the most crowd-sourced beauty product we’ve ever seen, and as a result, it’s probably going to be totally awesome as well. We love that they’ve involved their community in the development process, and it makes perfect sense! After all, since they’re the ones who are going to be purchasing it!

Do you have any name suggestions for the final shade? Won’t be too much longer now before the palette is released into our greedy little clutches, hopefully just in time for spring!