Credit: YouTube

Finding a good makeup tutorial can be tricky, especially for those of us who wear glasses. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of makeup tips for glasses wearers in the past, and there was even that “life-changing makeup hack” — yet putting on makeup is still listed as one of our 20 struggles people with glasses understand!

That’s where Lisa Eldridge and her makeup tutorial come in. Now she’s no ordinary YouTuber, but actually a professional makeup artist who’s worked with celebs like Cara Delevingne and Kate Winslet.

So this tutorial is super legit (yes it’s 20 minutes long, but trust it’s worth it). She uses Clarins foundation for oily skin, and the tutorial is full of gentle tips for applying foundation on the nose where your glasses sit.

As you can see, Eldridge offers choices for people with different skin tones, eye shapes and makeup preferences, and even those glasses wearers who are long or short sighted.

Be sure to bookmark this tutorial, because you’ll probably be referring to it the next time you go to apply makeup! And even if you don’t wear glasses, these tips are foolproof.