Bronwyn Isaac
February 02, 2017 10:00 am

There are all sorts of ways express your eagerness and readiness for an event, but we would argue that few strategies are as simultaneously impressive and terrifying as this makeup artist who recreated a Wolverine eye look in expectation of Hugh Jackman’s upcoming film Logan. Yes, you read that right, the world has not all gone to waste yet. There are people out there painting Wolverine on their eyelids in anticipation for a return of shirtless Jackman (we might be projecting that specific detail).

The popular makeup artist who goes by the username RachelCMakeup on Instagram went above and beyond the call of fangirling, and made elaborate (and skilled) eyeshadow paintings dedicated to the whole gang, including: Wolverine, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Storm, Angel, Cyclops, and even Professor X.

This is a series that would appear in the dreams of X-Men lovers everywhere.

Each look does complete artistic justice to the corresponding character.

She skimped no detail or color.

This, of course, makes us even more excited for Logan to come out.

She even made a DIY poster for Jubilee in order to have a reference.

We can hear the X-Men theme playing as we look at these beauties.

We are deeply relieved that not only was Storm included, but her eye look was as dynamic as you’d hope.

She’s not messing around.

The look dedicated to Angel was as soft and sensual as you’d hope.

But not as sensual as Angel himself.

The Cyclops eye look is perhaps the most club-ready.

It would’ve been extra hard for her to pull off an eyeshadow induced Cyclops look that merged both eyes.

Professor X’s eyeshadow look may have taken up the most facial space.

It channels the levitating vibes of the professor himself.

If you haven’t seen and obsessed over the trailer for Logan yet, you must watch it.

For those feeling impatient, take comfort in the fact that Logan will be hitting theaters on March 3rd!