It’s so rare to be truly surprised by something these days, don’t you think? We are #girlbosses who are busy running the world; there’s nothing out there that we haven’t seen! (Or so we thought!) So what a genuine delight to know that every once a while, a little spark of unexpected beauty magic can make everyone’s day. Beauty YouTuber Zofie Darling tweeted yesterday that she had discovered everyone’s fave affordable lippie, E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick, has a tiny color pot of extra lipstick at the bottom of the container! Will wonders never cease? This was truly an unexpected discovery for everyone, and we’re thrilled!

This is kind of hilarious. Like, first of all, it’s ridiculous that it’s taken so long for anyone to figure it out, and secondly, why didn’t E.L.F. ever say anything about it? What sneaky-sneaks!

What better news could we possibly hear than to know that when your favorite lipstick runs out you can still get a little pot of extra happiness at the bottom?

It’s not often that little treats like this come around!

At first, it was thought that it was actually lip balm that was tinted in the same shade as the lipstick in the tube, but Allure did some investigating, and it turns out the pot is actually the exact same formula as the lipstick in the tube!

In a statement to Allure, E.L.F. finally admitted to their little surprise:

The collective joy that showed up online over the news was truly spirit-lifting — it’s the little things, you know?

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