Claire Beaudreault
December 14, 2016 4:34 pm
Sofia Zhuravetc / Shutterstock

Though a current trend is to camouflage the Cupid’s bow region of the upper lip for a fuller pout, (Hi, Kylie!) the new limited-edition, double lip brush from Kiko Milano is a pretty cool concept that just might bring those lil’ points back into the spotlight.

One end of the brush is rounded to ensure even coverage of your lips. The other end is V-shaped to outline your Cupid’s bow with precision. We’re all about any multitasking tool that lightens a load of our makeup kits, no matter how slightly! This 2-in-1 brush is definitely desirable! Kiko (basically the NYX or E.L.F. of Italy) has designed a brush featuring soft synthetic bristles and a sleek gunmetal aluminum handle that is truly bellissima! 

First, you’re going to want to line your lips with the rounded brush tip and leave the Cupid’s bow undone.

Kiko Milano /

To use the V-shaped side, collect a small bit of a lipstick of your choice onto the brush. Place the tip onto your Cupid’s bow and draw the brush downward to blend into the middle of your lip. Now take the rounded end and blend onto the rest of your lips.

Kiko Milano /

Everyone’s lip shape is different, so we’re not sure if it’ll be a perfect fit for everyone, but it definitely seems worth a try. Hey, if it doesn’t work on your lips, we bet it could make some cool designs for other parts of your face!

Check out Kiko’s quick animated instructional vid on Insta:

The double ended brush looks like it will give you the precision and perfection your pout needs!

Kiko Milano

Grab the Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Lip Brush for $19 on their website.