Updated Mar 29, 2017 @ 5:43 pm

The average highlighter just isn’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s all about prismatic highlight formulas that shine bright like a diamond — literally.

True highlight lovers know that for an incredible shine, liquid formulas are the way to go. Cover FX makes gorgeous highlighter drops, Milk Makeup launched liquid highlighters in the form of rollerball pens, and now Violet Voss is releasing prismatic liquid highlighters in four shades.

We were already totally on board when Violet Voss teased a Barbie pink liquid highlighter, so today when they showed off three additional shades, our jaws dropped.

According to Violet Voss, the new Prismatic Liquid Highlighters are “created with micro bubbles that burst when applied to create a long-lasting glow.”

Judging by the above pic, the shades range from a bubblegum pink to magenta. No swatches are up yet, but here’s what all the shades look like mixed together.

No official release dates or prices have been announced. All we know is that if you’re going to IMATS in New York, you’ll be able to get your hands on these babies first.

Bring us back three of each, k?

K, bye.