Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Apr 05, 2017 @ 2:41 pm

If you are a woman who routinely puts an effort to glow, but find that your highlight doesn’t always maintain itself (this sounds like a new age euphemism for your spirit now), there are tools at your disposal. The makeup gurus from Violet Voss are releasing a Glow Enhancing spray to help you immortalize your cheeks with a glowy highlighter all day long.

Wait, but what exactly does this spray do?! Basically, this spray can be mixed as an aid to any of the loose powder Violet Voss highlighters, it helps even out the consistency and it’s great for a smooth application so the highlighter mirrors your actual skin. No, it’s not technically a setting spray, however, it will help the highlighter apply smoother, more even, and stick to your skin for a longer period of time.

Violet Voss shared a handy video to show you how this mysterious glow enhancing spray, cleverly named I’m So Extra works on your skin.

From the looks of it, the spray not only helps with texture but also adds extra shine to your highlighter (without looking greasy or tacky).

If you’re already sold on the glow enhancing qualities of I’m So Extra, you’ll be able to buy it at IMATS in NY!

We’re not sure of the pricing yet.

Now we have yet another tool to help us on our journey into luminescence.