Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Mar 29, 2017 @ 1:57 pm

We may have finally approached that time of year where all of the closeted mermaid enthusiasts are empowered to dust off our fins, shake the land glitter out of our hair, and get ready to return to our true forms. At least, the new Duo Chrome pigments from Violet Voss would suggest this much.

Back in January, Violet Voss released unicorn-inspired eyelashes much to the joy of their fantasy loving followers. But now, it appears the prismatic beauty of Violet Voss is now blessing the mermaid loving community with their three newest pigment shades.

The shades are all too appropriately reference The Little Mermaid with the names Ariel, Melody (Ariel’s daughter y’all), and Saylor (we’re not sure about this origin, except maybe a trendy respelling of Sailor?!)

The colors themselves feature shimmers of gold, a classic icy mermaid blue (but shinier), and a purple we want to live inside of til death do us part. Seriously, let’s build an underwater castle out of these pigments.

The three pigments are available for purchase at IMATS NY!

If you don’t live in NYC, you might want to order a friend to do your bidding.

These rich shimmery shades have us daydreaming of the sea.