Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Oct 27, 2016 @ 6:57 pm
Credit: Urban Decay / https://twitter.com/UrbanDecay/status/791655779333963776

How do we love thee, Urban Decay, let us count the ways: We love your sales, we love your shadows, we love your setting spray, we love your lipsticks, and we love your palettes. You can seriously do no wrong in our love-struck eyes! We await the release of your newest products like kids on Christmas morning, knowing that whatever it is we’ll be thrilled beyond measure. To hear that you’ve released your Naked shades as limited-edition nail polishes is next-level amazing, and we need to have them now!

With eight shades to choose from at $10 each, it’s a veritable feast for the eyes, and our nails of course!

Of course, only you could design the most badass nail polish top in all the land!

Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Like, how does one get this cool? You even came up with the coolest names to go with these sophisticated neutral shades!


Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A light, taupe-brown cream.

Extra Bitter

Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A deep, burnt, orange cream.


Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A medium-pink taupe with a hint of pearl.


Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A reddish-brown cream.


Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A smoky grey cream.


Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A brown cream.

Walk of Shame

Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A very light, nude cream.


Credit: Urban Decay Cosmetics

A cool, champagne shimmer.

We can’t thank you enough for giving us a nail polish line that is just as beautifully made and built to last as your other products. High gloss, chip-resistant, long-wearing, durable and flexible polish? Yes, please! We’ll be sure to scoop them up before they run out for good!