Claire Beaudreault
Updated March 24, 2017 1:56 pm

The Lisa Frank makeup collection is becoming a reality, and now there’s a magical new nail polish in the mix!

As you probably know by now, we here at Hello Giggles are obsessed with Lisa Frank. We feel blessed to inhabit a world and time where it’s perfectly acceptable to be grown women with rainbow leopards and dolphins on our clothing, accessories, and housewares.

A while back, we told you about the Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls collaboration, and we’ve got some updates! For starters, there’s now a trio of nail polishes in glittery, gorgeous unicorn colors.

Feast your eyes on Markie’s Magical Manicure Three Piece Set! Unicorn horns on the brush handles!!!

The makeup collection is coming very soon, thanks to fans and Kickstarter backers. The campaign has been funded more than six times the original amount, so it’s clear that Lisa devotees are over the moon about these new products.

The rewards are sweet, and even though the goal has been met, donating is still the best way to make sure you get these glittering baubles before anyone else. (The Unicorn Angled Blush Brush is on presale at Glamour Dolls’ site.) Backers of the campaign get the chance to help Glamour Dolls and Lisa Frank choose the colors and scents for the nail set!

For your pledge of $60 or more, you’ll receive the three polishes as well as every gift up to that dollar amount. (Details, here.)


Cutie pie YouTube makeup artist Kandee Johnson hosted the Kickstarter video and showed us how to do a super pretty rainbow leopard lip inspired by the iconic brand.


If you want even more updates, check out their live stream, which is happening right now! If you can’t tune it, you can still watch it later.

Be a part of the project and get first dibs on exclusive Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls products by pledging on Kickstarter.