Amanda Grace
Updated December 15, 2016 10:53 am
Too Faced /

The problem with cult beauty favorites is that once the word is out, sometimes supply can’t keep up with the demand! That’s exactly the case with Too Faced’s limited edition Matte Chocolate Chip palette. The mega beauty brand has caused our beauty appetites to run rampant this year with delicious palettes inspired by sweet things such as macarons, chocolate, eggnog, and peaches.

We all know the woes of one of our favorite items, or something we want to try, or a limited edition line being out of stock. Well, fret not because the Matte Chocolate Chip palette is back in stock for us and we feel like throwing it a welcome back party!

Too Faced

This ‘bite-sized’ palette is a mini version of the wildly popular Chocolate Bar palette. The cocoa-inspired (and scented!) must-have was released by Too Faced last month! Chocolate Chip lets you take 11 of the king-sized Chocolate Bar shades all with matte finishes.

Too Faced

We can now restock our choco-addiction from the beauty brand’s website for $26. Too Faced is offering free shipping with a promise that it will be delivered by Christmas! But, you have to get your order in by 11 a.m. PST tomorrow (December 16th).

The shadows and the scent are enough reasons to give anyone a sweet tooth!

We love that the Matte Chocolate Chip bar is loaded with neutral colors and bolder shades like violet and burgundy.

The cocoa on our lids will make our face smell good enough to eat! The cute Chocolate Chip mini palette is just one of Jerrod’s genius innovations at making everything about Too Faced just a little bit sweeter.