Lourdes Avila Uribe
January 10, 2017 1:35 pm

If there’s anyone that knows the importance of beautiful packaging, it’s our trusty friends at Too Faced Cosmetics. Each and every single one of their products looks like an absolute dream! They’ve decided to give us a little love by coming out with a highlighter that looks like their signature heart-shaped blushes, but with an added twist. They look like crystalline hearts, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Too Faced knows the power of good packaging and what a difference it makes to their consumers. And we love them for always delivering the goods!

We don’t have too much information on these highlighters quite yet, but we can tell from these photos that they’re going to be stunning! They’re definitely a nod to their classic blushes like the Sweethearts blush, Love Flush, and Soul Mates thanks to the heart-shaped container. We can tell they’re going to be standout products all on their own.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge gave us a glimpse on Instagram, and we are dying!

Of course, our fave, Jerrod Blandino, shared a sneak peek of the lovely highlighter products, and mentioned that they are coming out in March!

How gorgeous is that texture on the blush? They look like heart-shaped jewels. And how great is it that there are two shades to pick from? It’s inevitable that we’ll have to have them both.

We can’t help but notice that the details in the highlighter look similar to Jerrod’s picture frame. Could that be the inspiration?

Either way, Instagram was set aflame after seeing these gorgeous compacts!


We’ll just have to keep busy with the heart-shaped blushes till we know the exact date these highlighters are coming out!

Have you ever tried Too Faced’s precious Sweethearts Blush?

Too Faced Cosmetics

It comes in four shades at $30 each, if you’re lookin!

And we’re particularly into Love Flush on days when we need a little vintage flair!

Love Flush

A very reasonable $26 for such beauty!

The Soul Mates Blush Bronzer just so happens to be on sale for $30.60. What better way to get a glow in the middle of January?

Too Faced Cosmetics

The two are named Carrie & Big and Ross & Rachel — isn’t that just presh!?

Okay, we’ll stop being a bad influence and just promise to let you know when we know more about when these highlighters will be available. We’ll be waiting just as impatiently as you are!