Today is not your normal Friday, because Too Faced has blessed us with a magical new makeup launch, and it’s a unicorn lover’s dream. The wait is over, babes: Too Faced’s new Unicorn Survival Kit is finally here. Yes, you read that correctly. The beauty brand surprise dropped its highly-anticipated makeup kit online today (thank goodness it’s payday for most of us!).

As if the sneak peek of Too Faced’s upcoming glitter peel-off mask weren’t enough beauty news to get us excited, the ultra-cute cosmetics company launched its most coveted makeup set yet. The best part? Too Faced is keeping things budget-friendly because it’s only $26. Someone pinch us!

The Unicorn Survival Kit is available now for $26 on Too Faced’s site as well as Ulta Beauty stores.

Credit: Too Faced

The kit not only comes with Too Faced’s best-selling Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick (the one that started it all!), but there’s also an exclusive blue-to-pink highlighter, a limited-edition makeup bag (to store all of our goodies), and a deluxe-size Unicorn Tears Melted Latex lipstick.

A closer look at the magical highlighter — just look at the details.

Credit: Too Faced

Considering that you’re getting an exclusive highlighter and an adorable bag to tote around, $26 is not a bad deal at all for this set. As if that weren’t enough, our friends across the pond don’t have to wait too long to get their unicorn hooves on this kit. It will be available in the U.K. starting in November.

The lip products in the set:

Credit: Too Faced

It’s Friday, so why not treat yourselves to some much-needed iridescent, unicorn-themed beauty products? Again, you can find the Unicorn Survival Kit on and at Ulta Beauty stores. Happy shopping.