Another day, another peek behind-the-scenes courtesy of our beloved makeup dad, Jerrod Blandino. Too Faced appears to be concocting a new product, and we are DYING to know what in the world it could possibly be. At the moment, it currently defies all explanation and has left us scratching our heads, but one thing’s for certain — whatever it is, it’s beautiful!

This swishy, dreamy, foamy bottle could contain a whole host of mysterious beauty goodness, and theories are spreading around the internet like wildfire. There are a few clues as to what it could be, such as the bottle that it’s in and the consistency, but that leads us to believe that Too Faced is coming up with something completely fresh and new for their collection.

Let’s really break this down and assess what’s going on here. First of all, the shape of that bottle is very similar to a shampoo or body wash style bottle, and so is the consistency. That said, it would definitely be a departure for Too Faced if they went in that direction.

Comments on the photo are all over the place, with people thinking it could be a setting spray, primer, or even glow drops! We can definitely see how Too Faced would venture into glow drops, but the consistency is really throwing us!

Credit: Jerrod Blandino /
Credit: Jerrod Blandino /

As you can see, this is a diverse group of ideas.

What do you want it to be? A lip topper could be pretty dreamy in that very subtle rainbow, hazy shade. That consistency is just confusing us, though. Whatever it is, knowing Jerrod Blandino and Too Faced, it’s going to be to-die-for.