This vlogger used a condom over her BeautyBlender to do her makeup

Consider this your daily reminder that you actually haven’t seen it all.

Beauty vloggers love to push the limits when it comes to technique. We’ve seen them contour with utensils, use spoons to make the perfect cut crease eyeshadow, and use silicone bra inserts as makeup sponges. Whether you choose to incorporate these practices is beside the point, they all deserve a double tap for creativity alone.

Of all the weird beauty moments we’ve seen on IG, we weren’t quite ready for Laila Tahri‘s condom hack. In a YouTube video she explains,

“Here’s why I think it’s a good idea. The SiliSponge is really popular right now and the good thing about the SiliSponge is it doesn’t absorb any product, but after trying the SiliSponge I still prefer a normal sponge. But then I thought, “Maybe if I put some plastic around it, it’ll work the same.”

Before putting her sponge inside the condom, she cleans it and rinses away the spermicide and lubricant. (Although as it turns out, a lubricant is actually a pretty good makeup primer.)

Laila Tahri YouTube

After cleaning it thoroughly, she starts applying and blending her foundation.

Laila Tahri YouTube

She’s a brave one!

Laila Tahri YouTube

The moment of truth…

Laila Tahri YouTube


Laila Tahri YouTube

Seamless application and no wasted product!

Laila Tahri YouTube

Watch Laila’s full tutorial below and let us know if you’ll be giving this technique a try.

We love to see anyone having fun with makeup and we could totally see latex makeup sponge covers becoming a thing, hopefully without the lube.

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