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We have all the heart eyes for Halloween. It’s seriously the best time of year for us to express ourselves through the most unique Halloween costumes and amazing Halloween makeup. And we’re shouting TG for Halloween makeup looks that make it so much easier for us to make our ~spooky dreams~ a reality! This rainbow skull look by Jamie Lee is one of our new faves, and we can’t wait to give it a shot.

Like, how amazing is this stunning rainbow skull look?!

She captioned the tutorial,

Yes, yes, and yes. We love nothing more than an ah-mazing, head-turning Halloween mask look!

Here’s how to get the look!

See? It’s actually decently easy! And if you mess up, no worries. It’s all in the spirit of Halloween.

She explained,

And she continued with the inside scoop on what products you need, TG.

We’re taking notes!

And it isn’t her only flawless Halloween look.

Like this killer pumpkin.

And this one that would be so perfect for an edgy vampire.

We’re so grateful to this super talented artist for making our most vibrant dreams come true. We’re ready to rainbow skull it up!