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Unicorns are so hot these days, you guys. It feels like we can’t turn a corner without there being a new Unicorn makeup tutorial or hair trend. Sigma Beauty has jumped on the magical creature bandwagon because it turns out that we can get ourselves adorable unicorn lipsticks! This is not a drill! It’s just not enough that we’ve got unicorn hair, or that everyone flipped out at the sight of unicorn highlighter, we want more and we want it now! You know what they say about wonders never ceasing, and if there ever were a time we needed a little wonder, it’s now.

Sigma Beauty’s Lip Switch Set comes out Nov. 14th and we can’t wait to make ourselves look like the stuff dreams are made of.

There are 5 lipsticks to pick from, and each is more radiant than the last!

Double Whammy

Credit: Sigma Beauty

A green and lavender duo-chrome.

Flip Flop

Credit: Sigma Beauty

A fiery orange with a holographic finish.

Other Worldly

Credit: Sigma Beauty

A frosty, green gloss.

Pink Lotus

Credit: Sigma Beauty

A bold, prismatic pink.


Credit: Sigma Beauty

Cool, purple tones.

You can get the lipsticks individually for $14, or as a set for $34!

Credit: Sigma Beauty

When you’re ready for a seriously eye-catching and light reflecting smile, these lipsticks will be here waiting for you!