December 09, 2016 1:30 pm
Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images for Beautycon

ICYF, Drew Barrymore is the creative genius behind Flower Beauty. Chances are you’ve strolled by the brand at your local Wal-Mart, and chances are that after you took a look at their foundation range, you kept on strolling.

Don’t count Drew out just yet, big changes are coming to Flower Beauty in 2017. First things first, you’ll be able to buy Flower Beauty at FlowerBeauty.com, and as of now, it redirects you to Walmart.com at checkout. This new e-commerce platform is crucial for the brand’s expansion. Drew told WWD, “As we go into e-commerce next year, with that venue and platform we’ll be able to have even more shades.

Bless you, Drew Barrymore.

Currently, Flower Beauty’s foundation range looks like this… no bueno.

Drew seems totally aware that the range could use some improvement. Buying directly from the site will help, especially since Flower Beauty doesn’t get as much shelf space in Wal-Mart. She says, “We’re not like Maybelline, Revlon, Cover Girl, L’Oréal [Paris]…they get to have 28 shades and we’re working with eight to 10.”

New products and new packaging are also on the menu for 2017. Expect a super clean, white, and rose gold vibe. There’s going to be new makeup sponges, an eye primer, lightweight highlighters, and contour palettes.

Not everything is changing, though. Drew hopes that the brand will continue to offer her own take on uncomplicated beauty at an affordable price point. We can’t wait to see what the new year holds for Flower Beauty — especially if it means more brown shades!