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Full disclosure, we are singing the Powerpuff Girls theme song right now at the top of our lungs and we are so excited to hear that there is a makeup collection inspired by our favorite cartoon! If you aren’t familiar with the crime-fighting trio that manages to get it all done before bedtime, flip over to Youtube or Cartoon Network and fall in love for yourself! The ’90s were chock-full of girl power, and so it is only fitting that with a revival of the show we also get a grown-up Powerpuff Girls makeup collection to feed our nostalgia.

Professor X created Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup our of sugar, spice, everything nice (and a little bit of chemical X)- but Korean beauty brand Peripera has created this line from pure dreams.

The collection was released in South Korea, and at amazing price points for a licensed collection! The limited-edition collection was released on November 21st of last year, and select items are available at!

This hand cream translates to a “beauty weapon” that fights winter dryness, we need it!

How cute are the Powerpuff Girl-inspired tubes?

Those inky mascaras and shadow palettes are must-haves!

How amazing would it be to terrorize our S.O.’s with those adorable sleep masks? They come free with the purchase of the mascara!

Peri’s Tint Water (Cherry or Strawberry), $7

Credit: Club Clio

This non-sticky lip tint is inspired by fruit juice staining your lips, but lasts for hours! It totally reminds us of Benefit’s lip and cheek stain!

Peri’s INK Velvet, $10

Credit: Club Clio

These super soft lip stains leave an airbrushed like finish — we totally need ALL three of them!

INK lasting Pink Cushion, $13

Credit: Club Clio

This face powder comes in both Pink Ivory and Pink Beige and is meant to veil your skin like a pink-toned Instagram filter, but IRL. It comes with a super cute POWDER-puff, and it you want Bubbles or Buttercup instead of the Blossom it comes with, puffs are sold separately for $7.

The box sets based on each character are TOO CUTE!