Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Feb 22, 2017 @ 5:50 pm

Sola Look knows how to do an excellent beauty-themed homage to film — their Flashdance palette was one for the books! Their upcoming eyeshadow palette is inspired by all things Dirty Dancing, and we’ve finally gotten a look at one of the amazing shade names. We love anything having to do with Dirty Dancing, and it’s not surprising that the palette would have incredible names with so many cheeky phrases to choose from the iconic movie.

We are getting a release date later this week, and it can’t come soon enough! The little glimpses we have seen so far have definitely been enticing.

The first shade we’ve gotten a look at is called I Carried A Watermelon, could that be more perfect?

Don’t you wish we could just push the camera down to see what the next shade is called? Any guesses? You know one of these has to be called Baby.

We love that range of shades, from classic ’80s-inspired bold tones to softer ’60s-inspired shades, which is when the movie takes place.

Sola Look has got the market cornered when it comes to themed palettes that are adorable and lighthearted without being overly kitschy. Please tell us you’ve seen their Flashdance palette, it’s such a treat!

It’s pitch perfect. Totally evocative of the ’80s without feeling super cheesy.

Are you on board with Sola Look’s movie-themed eyeshadow palettes? At the very least you have to admit that the shades themselves are really lovely and worth a look. And how funny is that shade name? We love a brand that doesn’t take itself or its products too seriously and knows how to appeal to the film’s fan base. This is definitely the way to our hearts!