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It’s always interesting hearing origin stories, whether they’re outlining the dawn of a comic book hero or describing the thought process behind a marketing campaign. Peeking behind the curtain tends to add depth to the product. The message behind the newest Hourglass Cosmetics Girl Lip Stylo lipstick collection was inspired by the ’90s supermodel Jenny Shimizu, who partnered up with Hourglass Cosmetics for a lipstick contribution to the #GirlForGood social media campaign (which seeks to empower young girls by imbuing their inner strengths on self-portraits).

A press release shared with HelloGiggles revealed how Shimizu’s break into modeling and rich life path helped inform the campaign:

Each of the 20 shades of lipstick available through the #GirlForGood campaign feature titles such as Innovator, Activist, and Futurist.

Also, Hourglass encourages women to upload their photos to the #GirlForGood website showing off the GIRL Lip Stylo shades.

Not only will you be featured on the website, but you’ll also have a portrait of yourself online with the word “Lover” in bold.

The GIRL Lip Stylo is available for purchase online through the Hourglass website for $32.

What shade do you have your eye on? We can’t help but want them all after the message behind this collection!