If you feel the desire to express yourself with the full swatch of the neon rainbow, you are in tremendous luck, because the unapologetically bold MAC Trolls collection is on sale for your consumption! The ridiculously ’90s themed Good Luck Trolls collection, which features everything from a sheer turquoise lip gloss (yes, it’s named Twerkoise) to a glittery gold eyeshadow, is temporarily on sale for 60% off online through the Macy’s website, Nordstrom’s, Belk, and Bloomingdale’s. Seriously, this is a good enough deal we can feel our brightly-colored voids filling up with MAC goodies. It’s a ’90s teenage dream come true. The makeup will no doubt pair perfectly with accessories from Betsey Johnson’s Trolls-themed line!

Feast your eyes on all these deliciously-colored and discounted options. Are you freaking out yet?! We are.

Even the OG trolls themselves feel happier and more glamorous when surrounded by this set of shiny products.

Honestly, we are relating all too well to those delightfully creepy smirking dolls.

What adventurous soul can in their right mind resist this deep blueberry shade of lipstick? It looks like you could dip it in sugar and eat it as a light summer snack, or pour it on some pancakes.

Now we’re confused as to which we’re craving more: blueberries or products from the MAC Good Luck Trolls collection. Either way, this sale is too good to pass up.