Bronwyn Isaac
March 06, 2017 12:42 pm

We would be lying if we pretended to need a reason to day dream about spring vacations. But the new Balm Springs blush from theBalm Cosmetics has tapped deep into our desire for a one-way ticket to Palm Springs, where we can sun ourselves and sip on a poolside lemonade. The brand new blush from theBalm Cosmetics will have us camera ready with a flowery glow that only comes with the season of freshly pollinated flowers, and a week off work to lay on patches of grass and listen to touring bands.

They even released a spring jingle for the blush that transports us to the relaxing shade of palm trees, where we could listen to a woman serenade us on an amplified acoustic guitar.

Besides bringing a rosy dose of spring, the Balm Springs blush is also talc-free and fade resistant, so you can feel safe about this cosmetic decision while your cheeks stay bright.

The best part is you don’t have to wait until the first flowers of spring to grab the Balm Springs blush, it’s already available on The Balm website for $21!

It’s a great blush shade because it pairs well with most shades of nudes or warm pink lipstick.

Now we’ll be spending the day dreaming of palm trees, which is a good place to be on a Monday.