Amanda Grace
December 28, 2016 10:38 am
Tarte Cosmetics /

One of the hottest items at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) early this year were super cute eyelash cases. Lucky for anyone not in attendance, Tarte has released their new limited-edition Wink Wardrobe Lash Binders to safely stow every precious lash. We mean EVERY lash. Unlike the cute and compact holders of yesterday, Tarte’s new product is a pro case that holds up to 18 pairs of lashes! As if that wasn’t every lash lover’s dream, the box also has a secret compartment of lash glue (both clear and black), an applicator, and scissors! This is perfect because we love to cut and double up pairs!

We love how bright the Wink Wardrobe is! Pro doesn’t mean everything has to be black!

Tarte Cosmetics

The limited edition  Wink Wardrobe Lash Binder is available for only $40 on It may not come pre-stocked with falsies, but everyone knows a great wardrobe is handpicked by the wearer! We love our lashes from E.L.F., MAC, and Tarte, of course! So you know what we’ll be adding to this beauty lash holder!

Love the idea of a Wink Wardrobe but don’t need quite that many spots? Tarte has you covered with their Flutter Faves Lash Case ($22) but that one is limited, too! So get it while you can!

Tarte Cosmetics

How helpful is this applicator? No more glue on our fingers or tweezers!

Happy holiday shopping, y’all!