There are quite a few standby beauty brands we can always count on to release stunning new products we just know we’re going to love no matter what. Among these is our beloved Tarte Cosmetics, and they’re releasing a new makeup palette that is going to be highly coveted the moment it becomes available. We started seeing hints of what could possibly be a new makeup palette last week while the Tarte gang was away on their fabulous company retreat in the Florida Keys, but we’ve finally gotten a look at the new palette, and it is gorgeous — well, the packaging is, at least!

Their tagline for the new palette is “Slay with Clay,” so we have a feeling it’s going to feature their insanely popular Amazonian Clay formula.

The packaging is incredible. We love the chevron pattern and color combination. Alas, we don’t get a peek inside just yet, so we’ll have to be patient.

We’ve gotten some black and white swatches, and that’s as much as we can discuss at the moment! But we can say it looks like there will be a lot of different shades within the palette itself — at least 12, judging from this photo.

And even in a black-and-white photo, we can see how creamy and highly pigmented these shades are. They pop on all skin tones and look super smooth!

Tarte’s products are not only gorgeous, they’re also created with the health of our skin in mind, which is why they’re always infused with nutrient-rich ingredients that keep your skin lovely. Their makeup is long-lasting, creative, and beautiful, so we’re pumped to get more info on this impending palette. Fingers crossed we know more soon!